The 10 Best JILI Slots in the Philippines 2024

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  • 2024/04/01
10 Best JILI Slots in the Philippines

JILI slot game series features intricately designed Asian and animal-themed games, as well as titles like Boxing King, King of the Jungle, Lucky Bricks, Golden Queen, Shanghai Girls, Charge Buffalo, Super Ace, Crazy FaFaFa, and Gem Party. The odds for these games can exceed 1,500 times the player's initial bet.

Game Introduction

JILI slot games are a well-liked brand of online casino slots that are simple to play and understand. These games blend traditional slot elements with modern design features like high-definition animations, captivating themes, and immersive soundtracks. To win the JILI Slot Games Jackpot, you can try out the JILI slots demos for free at Inplay casino.

The 10 super hot JILI slot games list as below:

10 Best JILI Slots in the Philippines

The 10 Best JILI Slot Games To Make Real Money Online Slot Casino

1. Hot Chilli Slot Game
2. Boxing King Slot Game
3. Romax Slot Game
4. Lucky Ball Slot Game
5. Twin Wins Slot Game
6. Lucky Goldbricks Slot Game
7. Super Ace Slot Game
8. Fortune Pig Slot Game
9. Money Coming Slot Game
10. Lucky Coming Slot Game


Hot Chilli Slot Game

Play the JILI Gaming HOT CHILLI slot game for a chance to earn money online. This slot game has gained popularity in 2021 due to its easily attainable jackpot, offering more than 2000 times the bet. If you're hesitant, you can try it for free at Playlux. The maximum bonus multiplier is 2000X. Engage in Hot Chilli collecting mania and unlock super-sized boards. Collect Chilies in the Free Games to access extra boards, with the potential to play on up to four boards simultaneously. With a single bet, you can win four times. Aim to win the Pepper jackpot in the 3x3 video slots on 9 paylines.

Hot Chilli Slot Game

Hot Chilli Slot Game Features

In the Free Game, collect chilli to win more rewards.

  • Collect 9 chillis to unlock 3rd new board and fix the 5th reel for all WILD.

  • Collect 14 chillis to unlock 4rd new board and fix the 4th reel for all WILD.

  • Collect 30 chillis to fix the 3rd reel for all WILD on all 4 boards.

  • If obtains 3 SCATTER in the Free Game then an additional 3 Free spins added.

Hot Chilli Slot Game Features

Boxing King Slot Game

The Boxing King Slot Game by JILI gaming is the most popular game of 2021, featuring a boxing theme. It offers two types of free games and awards both Free spins and Scatter. During the scatter phase, players can achieve combos or multipliers of up to 5 rounds when entering free spins, increasing the chance to win great prizes within the game. The King of Boxing slots includes a Free spins symbol in the shape of a bell, which substitutes for other symbols (except the Scatter symbol) and helps players enter the free game mode. This provides an opportunity to win significant prizes, including Mega Win, Super Win, and Super Mega Win.

Boxing King Free Spins Bonus

  • During a free game, if FREE SPIN is obtained during the current spin, it will not be cleared, and will remain until no more clears can be made. The player will then win extra free games based on the number of symbols obtained. The number is reset for the next spin.

  • Each reel only has one FREE SPIN, for a maximum of 5 total.

  • The number of free spin symbols obtained equals the number of free games won.

Boxing King Slot Game

Romax Slot Game

Romax is a popular slot game developed by JILI gaming, featuring a play style reminiscent of slotxo's Roma. It includes familiar symbols and the free spins feature, along with a bonus round where players must battle lions in the Colosseum. The game offers a MAX BONUS multiplier of 500X and features modernized and attractive visuals, as well as various bonus gameplay elements, providing players with a fresh and engaging experience.

Romax Free Game

  • Get a free game by clearing 4 or more in the same round of the main game.

  • Get 3, 5, 10 and 20 free games by clearing 4, 5, 6 and 7 consecutively in the same round.

  • In a free game, you can get 3, 5, 10 and 20 free games too by clearing 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the same round.

Romax Slot Game

Lucky Ball Slot Game

The Lucky Ball Slot Game is a 5-reel game with 25 paylines. The paytable includes nine basic symbols, such as two glasses of green drinks, a saxophone, four playing card icons in different colors, a microphone, a mask, and a beautiful lady. Additionally, there is a tiara with colorful feathers that acts as a wild symbol, appearing on the first four reels to substitute basic symbols and help players complete winning combinations. If players land three or more disco balls on the reels, they will trigger ten Free Spins, during which only disco balls and an x2 sign appear.

Lucky Ball Free Spins Bonus Game

  • When 3 or more Lucky Ball appears in the main game that will activate Bonus Game with 10 free spins.

  • Only Lucky Ball and X2 will appear in the Bonus Game.

  • If X2 appears will double the scores, rules as below:
    a. One X2: all Lucky Ball scores will be x2.
    b. One X2: all Lucky Ball scores will be x4.
    When the X2 effects will not be retained, once it takes effect, it will disappear in the next spin.

  • The bonus prizes are calculated as follows: (Total scores on the balls / 25 lines) x Bet.

  • If appear 15 Lucky Ball on the board at the same time is reached first during the 10 free spins, then the Bonus Game will end early and win the prizes.

Lucky Ball Slot Game

Twin Wins Slot Game

The Twin Wins Slot Game is a video slot game with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 234 Ways to win, developed by JILI slot. To win a prize, players need to match 3 of the same symbols. Each spin in the regular game has the potential to trigger a special feature. This feature causes two rows on the game board to display the same result in the same order, and it can also activate two reels to enhance the gameplay. Furthermore, there is a possibility for the same result to expand to three, four, or five reels, making it easier to win and offering the chance to win prizes across the entire board.

Twin Wins Slot Game Roulette Special Pocket Mode

  • At the beginning of each round of the normal game, there is a chance of triggering a special pocket mode!

  • Any spins of the two wheels could result in the same array when spinning stops.

  • In addition to the two wheels that trigger the special game, there is a chance to expand the game to any three, four, or even all five wheel results.

  • The more identical symbols on different spins, the easier it is to win! And a chance to win Full Reel Prize too!

Twin Wins Slot Game

Lucky Goldbricks Slot Game

Lucky Goldbricks is an internet slot game developed by Jili Gaming with a similar theme. It features 5 reels and 30 paylines. The game's payout table includes only five simple symbols: a single bar, double bars, triple bars, a silver seven, and a gold seven. If a player lands at least 5 gold bricks (Scatter icons) on the reels, they will activate the bonus game.

Lucky Goldbricks Bonus Game

  • Appearing 5 or more Scatter Gold Bricks in the Main Game will activate the Bonus Game.

  • Spin rounds of Gold Bricks with payouts depend on the number of Scatter Gold Bricks that appear in the Main Game.

  • All the Gold Bricks are selected and sum up which will be producing Payouts attached to Gold Brick in the Bonus Game. Then, starting 7 Free Spins.

  • In the Free Game, Gold Brick will gain Payouts attached.

  • If 5 or more Gold Bricks appear in the Free Game there are retriggered Bonus Games. The Payouts of Gold Bricks will be added up.

  • Retriggered with 5 Free Spins in the Bonus Game.

Lucky Goldbricks Jackpot

  • Initial Bonus Game has chances to gain Jackpot Gold Brick and get corresponding payouts directly.

  • The Bonus Game will end directly and return to the Main game after gaining the Jackpot.

Lucky Goldbricks Slot Game

Super Ace Slot Game

Super Ace has 5 reels and offers 1024 Ways to Win. It features four playing card suits, along with Jack, Queen, King, and Ace symbols. Each of these symbols has a golden version, which only appears on the middle three reels. When eliminated, the golden version turns into a wild card that can substitute for any missing basic symbol. The wild card can also appear as a small or big wild card, replicating itself in other positions. The game includes a progressive win multiplier for consecutive wins, and landing three Scatter icons triggers ten Free Spins with a boosted progressive win multiplier.

Super Ace Free Game

  • Collect three Scatter to receive 10 rounds of Free Game.

  • In the free game, the Elimination Multiplier is double that of the general game, and it is increased to x2, x4, x6, x10.

  • In the Free Game, the Elimination Multiplier rules are the same as the general game, only the Elimination Multiplier values are twice that of a general game.

  • Collect three Scatter in the free game to receive an additional 5 rounds of free game, which can be accumulated repeatedly.

Super Ace Slot Game

Fortune Pig Slot Game

The Fortune Pig Slot Game is a traditional online slot game created by Jili Gaming, available on all platforms. Players can qualify for a bonus of up to 1000 bets with Playlux. The maximum multiplier bonus is 1000 times. To earn greater rewards, players must gather as many pigs as they can on a 3x3 board, with five distinct prize pools offering incredible big prizes.

Fortune Red Pig Respin (Lock & Respin)

  • Activates respin if one or more fortune red pig appears on reels.

  • Any types of pigs will be locked via red ribbon and the rest symbols will start free respin.

Fortune Yellow Pig Expansion (Expand Downward 1~2 Places)

  • Fortune yellow pig appears on the top of every reel only.

  • When one or more fortune yellow pigs appear that will expand downward to two places at most.

  • Expanded symbols will not trigger other effects.

Fortune Pig Slot Game

Money Coming Slot Game

The Money Coming Slot features a unique symbol called the multiplier wheel, which represents a distinct multiplication image. Unlike other slot games that require three special symbols to trigger the free game mode, this game has a special symbol for each spin. Earnings are determined by the number displayed and the multiplier rate.

Money Coming Special Wheel

The front wheel does not need to win the line connection prize. The corresponding special effect will be given for the symbol the Special Wheel lands on.

Green or Red SCATTER

  • The player could win a chance to play the Lucky Wheel.

  • Bet 5 is unlocking green SCATTER.

  • Bet 50 is an upgraded red SCATTER.

Money Coming Slot Game

Lucky Coming Slot Game

Play the Lucky Coming Slot Elephant head game, featuring Ganesha, the god of success and prosperity, particularly in financial matters. Win generous prizes by connecting three images of the Wild symbol or Ganesha symbol, with a potential prize of 1,111 times the player's bet. This game is created by Jili Bet Gaming, offering an enjoyable gaming experience.

Lucky Coming Wild

  • Substitutes for any symbols in the game.

  • Randomly turns into X3, X5, or X9 on the middle reel only.

  • Three Wilds combination is the highest payline, 1111 multipliers.

When payline wins and Wild appears on the middle reel, it always turns into a random multiplier and the prize will be multiplied!

  • x3 All prizes this round x3

  • x5 All prizes this round x5

  • X9 All prizes this round x9

Lucky Coming Slot Game


Other Online Casino Game Provider

JDB Gaming

Other Online Casino Games by JILI

JILI is not only a respected developer of online slots but also other casino games too. Here’s a rundown of the JILI games you will be able to find at the best Filipino casinos.

Fishing Games

Fishing Games

These kinds of games are highly sought after on online gambling platforms in the Philippines, although the name might be a bit deceptive as they don't always revolve around traditional fishing. Instead, players can earn money by shooting at fish, with the payout depending on the size and species of the fish they capture. Additionally, these games also feature opportunities to catch dragons and dinosaurs, expanding the variety of targets.

Card Games

Card Games

A lot of individuals favor games that require skill over games based on luck, like slot machines, and they will find a satisfying variety of casino and card games at JILI. These options encompass Baccarat, Bingo, Dice Games, Poker King, Rummy, Sic Bo, and Teen Patti, although there are no classic Blackjack or Roulette games available.

Bingo Games

Bingo Games

JILI also offers a selection of unique Bingo games all providing a different way to play this famous game. And they include Bingo Carnaval, Fortune Bingo and Super Bingo.

Our Final Thoughts About JILI Games in PH

Even though JILI Games is a recent addition to the online gaming industry, it has rapidly made a significant impact due to its diverse range of games offering numerous bonuses and features. The slots created by JILI are especially visually appealing and engaging, with lively colours and captivating themes. In the midst of a competitive market, we suggest exploring JILI Games on any of the platforms listed here, and we are certain that you will have a pleasurable gaming experience.


  • Q:What types of games are available at JILI Slots?

  • A:Various slots and casino games are available.

  • Q:Are there any loyalty programs for regular players?

  • A:Yes, regular players might enjoy loyalty rewards.

  • Q:How does JILI ensure fair play and security?

  • A:They use verified random number generators and encryption.

  • Q:Are there any country-specific restrictions for playing JILI Slots?

  • A:It varies, check local laws and site terms.

  • Q:How can I set limits on my betting to promote responsible gaming?

  • A:Players can usually set betting limits in their account settings.