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  • 2024/04/02
JILI Hot Chilli

Experience the excitement of playing the JILI Gaming HOT CHILLI slot machine and have the chance to earn money online. You can test it out for free at Playlux casino. The maximum bonus multiplier available is 2000 times.

Hot Chilli Game Introduction

Have fun with the JILI Gaming HOT CHILLI slot machine and earn money online. This slot game is highly sought after in 2021 due to its easily attainable jackpot, offering more than 2000 times the bet. If you're hesitant, you can test it out for free at Playlux casino. The maximum bonus multiplier is 2000X.JILI Hot Chilli Slot

Get ready for an exciting game of collecting hot chilies and unlocking larger game boards! By collecting chilies in the Free Games, you can access extra boards, with the potential to play on up to four at once. With just one bet, you have the chance to win four times over! Aim to hit the Pepper jackpot in the 3x3 video slots featuring 9 paylines. 

As you play, you can build up the heat with a Wild multiplier of up to 5 times, following the recipe to reach the maximum multiplier and take home a generous payout. Alongside the delicious flavors, the dishes you prepare with chili are sure to bring you some delightful surprises!


How to Play Hot Chilli Slot Machine

  • Hot Chilli slot machine equips with 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines.

  • Bet line wins pay if in succession starting from the leftmost reel to right according to paytable.

  • Only the maximum amount of winnings on each line will be paid out.

  • All winnings excluding Scatters points = Odds x (Bet / 25).

  • Scatters winnings = Odds x Bet.

  • In the event of any malfunction that causes the outcome of the game to be undecided, the game round will be invalid.

JILI Hot Chilli Slot game rules

Hot Chilli Slot Machine Features

In the Free Game, collect chilli to win more rewards.

  • Collect 9 chillis to unlock 3rd new board and fix the 5th reel for all WILD.

  • Collect 14 chillis to unlock 4rd new board and fix the 4th reel for all WILD.

  • Collect 30 chillis to fix the 3rd reel for all WILD on all 4 boards.

  • If obtains 3 SCATTER in the Free Game then an additional 3 Free spins added.

JILI Hot Chilli Slot free games

Hot Chilli Slot Machine Payouts

The symbol WILD can replace any other symbols except for Scatter and Chillis, and it will appear on all reels. When SCATTER appears on three reels, it will trigger the Free Game instantly, starting with 12 rounds and 2 boards.

JILI Hot Chilli Slot payout

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