Best Casino Live Game Show Games 2024

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Best Casino Live Game Show Games

What Are Live Entertainment Game Shows?

There has been a certain degree of contention regarding the precise definition of a live game show. The boundaries between different types of live games are not always clear. One could argue that any online live game with a host or presenter is a game show. However, I take a different view, and I believe that there are three distinct types of Live Games.

  1. In traditional table games, players play against each other in a casino or home environment.

  2. Table games with rules that allow for big payouts. These are usually games with multipliers, like Lightning Roulette, Quantum Roulette, and Super Sic Bo.

  3. Entertainment Games is a new game that combines aspects of live dealer casino games with RNG/augmented reality, multipliers, and small bets that can lead to big payouts.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of live game shows, including a detailed comparison of all games.

Full Live game shows complete game introductions

Let’s take a look at all the game show live games:

  1. Big Wheel Game Shows

  2. Bingo Type Game Shows

  3. Augmented Reality / Slots

  4. Dice Game Shows

Big Wheel Game Shows

The Big Wheel, which serves as the driving force behind these games, is shared between them. 

The most straightforward games are Dream Catcher, Spin A Win, and Mega Wheel.

Evolution Dream Catcher

dream catcher

Dream Catcher, created by Evolution, is the pioneering entertainment game that launched the live casino game show genre. Featuring a wheel with 54 segments, including 2x and 7x Multiplier segments to enhance winnings, the standard maximum payout is 40x. Players aim to predict the numbered segment where the wheel will come to a stop and place their bets accordingly.

Playtech Spin A Win

Spin A Win

Playtech introduced Spin A Win not long after Dream Catcher came out. Spin A Win features a wheel with 51 segments, including a 2x and a 7x multiplier. Unlike Dream Catcher, Spin A Win offers unique side bets that can be played alongside or separately from the main wheel spin. While the wins and payouts are comparable to Dream Catcher, the additional side bets provide an extra element of excitement that players may find enjoyable.

Pragmatic Play Mega Wheel

pragmatic play live mega wheel

The Mega Wheel by Pragmatic Play was introduced following Dream Catcher and Spin A Win. Featuring 54 segments, this wheel determines multipliers before each spin through a Random Number Generator. With a maximum multiplier of 500x, Mega Wheel stands out from its competitors. Another unique aspect is that multipliers are in play for every spin, increasing the chances of higher payouts.

Evolution Monopoly Dream Catcher

Evolution Monopoly Dream Catcher

The Monopoly Dream Catcher is a newer version of the Wheel of Fortune game, featuring a large wheel similar to Dream Catcher. Instead of multipliers, it includes Chance and Bonus Round Segments. When landing on a bonus segment, players enter a bonus round where they roll a die to navigate a virtual Monopoly board and gather multipliers. This game has the potential for significant winnings.

Evolution Crazy Time

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is perhaps the most polarizing Big Wheel game, with both strong admirers and detractors. Along with the numbered sections on the wheel, Crazy Time features four Bonus rounds - Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time Bonus rounds - all offering the chance to win multipliers. The key question is, "how high can these multipliers climb?" Additional multipliers can further enhance these wins, potentially resulting in wins of thousands of times the original amount. People's opinions on Crazy Time tend to be either strongly positive or negative, and personally, I fall into the former category as a fan of the game.

Playtech Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is a similar game to Crazy Time, but with distinct features such as its Alice in Wonderland theme and four bonus rounds. The game offers a variety of activities, from Dice games to a wheel that provides multiplier wins. Keep an eye out for the caterpillar, known as Wilber, who offers free multipliers at times. It is less unpredictable than Crazy Time, making it a good choice for those seeking consistent returns on their investment.

Playtech Money Drop Live

Money Drop Live

The Money Drop Live is a unique spin on the classic big wheel game. Each spin of the wheel offers a multiplier win at the beginning of the game. The goal is to hold onto the prize fund for as long as possible, with any remaining money at the end being yours to keep. In order to survive the three drop rounds, you must strategically place your money on up to four platforms, with three of them dropping and losing the money placed on them. The game tests your bravery as you decide whether to risk it all for a big prize or spread the risk to ensure you take something home. It's a thought-provoking game that challenges the balance between risk and reward.

Pragmatic Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Pragmatic Play has introduced a new live casino game show called Sweet Bonanza Candyland, which is inspired by slots and features a large wheel as its main gameplay element. The wheel consists of fifty-four segments, including five bonus round segments that trigger a bonus round when landed on. In contrast to other similar games, all bonus rounds in Sweet Bonanza Candyland are determined by RNG, with player input having a minimal impact during the Candy Drop. Sweet Spins is a slot game based on the popular Sweet Bonanza, while the Sugar Bomb feature adds multipliers to the wheel. The game offers a maximum multiplier of 20,000x and payouts are limited to half a million £$€, depending on the currency being used.

The Greatest Cards Show

The Greatest Cards Show

The Greatest Cards Show is a unique addition to the entertainment category, breaking the norm by positioning the wheel horizontally instead of vertically. This game features three RNG Bonus rounds, with a distinctive twist in its wheel layout - instead of random numbers, it uses a pack of playing cards arranged in sequential order for section betting convenience. The Light Show Game offers the highest multiplier of 500x, while the Spot Light Game can reach a maximum multiplier of 2000x.

Evolution Funky Time

Funky Time

Evolution introduces a live entertainment game show with a 70's Disco theme. The game features elements like flares, mirror balls, and 70's music surrounding a large wheel. A 64-segment Digi Wheel is utilized to determine instant wins and four bonus rounds where players hope for significant multiplier wins. In some bonus rounds, players can select their starting positions, while others rely on RNG and a bingo ball machine for results in the Stayin' Alive round. The maximum win is capped at £$€500,000, with certain bonus rounds limiting multipliers to 10,000. This game shows promise and is expected to have a similar level of unpredictability as Crazy Time.

Playtech Jumanji The Bonus Level Live

Playtech Jumanji The Bonus Level Live

Playtech has introduced a new game called Jumanji The Bonus Level Live, which is the first live dealer game associated with a popular film brand. This game has been in development for three years and features a unique big wheel with 43 segments. It includes six bonus rounds, with a seventh round that does not require betting. Every spin guarantees a win or money back if all bet spots are covered, with a maximum win capped at 5000x. The game is designed to be entertaining, with bonus rounds occurring every 3.5 spins to keep players engaged.

Pragmatic Treasure Island

Pragmatic Treasure Island

This game show by Pragmatic Play has increased the stakes. The studio's layout is impressive, and the Treasure Island concept is effectively carried out from the main wheel to the bonus rounds. It is a game with low volatility, offering bonus rounds approximately every 4 spins. While the payouts may be modest, there is a chance for significant winnings, with the highest possible payout being 15,450 times the bet. The RTP stands at 96.55%, which is around the typical rate for such games. While you may not strike it rich playing this game, you are likely to enjoy the experience.

Travel Fever Live

Travel Fever Live

This game is the first entertainment gameshow developed by On Air Entertainment. The creators incorporated a travel theme throughout the game, with bonus rounds featuring modes of transportation or destinations. One unique aspect of the game is that players receive a payout every round if they wager on all bet spots. There are instant wins of up to 9x and six bonus rounds, each offering different multipliers and maximum wins. The most lucrative round is the Golden Spin, offering a maximum win of 2000x, while the least rewarding is Lucky Hike, with a maximum win of 21x. Travel Fever is a game with low volatility and has a return to player (RTP) rate ranging from 96.01% to 97.26%.

Fashion TV Mega Party

Fashion TV Mega Party

The Fashion TV Mega Party is a unique game created in partnership with Playtech, available on the Playtech network at various online casinos. This game show features a large wheel with 54 segments offering instant win prizes and includes three bonus rounds: the Laser Show, the Dance Floor, and the lucky DJ. With an 80's theme, the game also includes the Mega Party feature that activates randomly during play, increasing payouts on bet spots by 2x to 5x. The maximum win is 1000x with a return to player (RTP) rate of 95.56%.

Bet365 Super Mega Ultra Live

Bet365 Super Mega Ultra Live

This exclusive game available at Bet365 is a game show that utilizes a large 54-segment wheel as its primary game element. The wheel provides immediate prizes, access to bonus rounds, and a Level Up feature that increases all payouts when triggered. If you land on it twice, you get to spin the Ultra Wheel with higher payouts. The random bonus rounds, Slots Spins, and 7s Heaven offer multiplier prizes, which are further enhanced through the Level Up feature. The game has an RTP of 96.90%, which is typical for this type of game. While the maximum payout is 2,500x, it is extremely difficult to achieve.

Bingo Type Game Show

A bingo machine is used to determine the outcomes in this type of game show. The results are generated by drawing colored and numbered balls from the machine, which sets it apart from the typical spinning wheel games.

Evolution Mega Ball Live

Mega Ball Live

Live Mega Ball is Evolution's inaugural live Bingo-style game where players can buy a maximum of 400 cards per round. The goal is to achieve multiple winning lines on a card, with higher payouts for more lines. The standout aspect of the game is the Mega ball, which appears at the end and can have a multiplier of up to 100x. If this ball completes a line on your card, your winnings will be multiplied by that amount. Keep an eye out for the additional Mega ball that may show up to further enhance your wins!

Evolution Cash or Crash

Cash or Crash

Cash or Crash Live is a game where players climb a prize ladder to earn larger multiplier payouts. A bouncing ball machine determines if players advance up the ladder, lose their money, or receive a free life and increased payout. Players can choose to take their winnings and leave, split their earnings and gamble the rest, or risk everything on the next ball. The game is a straightforward but engaging offering from Evolution.

Playtech Deal Or No Deal The Big Draw

Deal Or No Deal The Big Draw

The game Deal or No Deal The Big Draw is inspired by the TV show of the same name. It features sixteen briefcases with different cash prizes, depending on your entry fee. A bingo machine selects numbered balls, and if your briefcase number matches, you move forward in the game. To receive an offer from the Banker, you need to match six briefcases. You must decide whether to accept the offer or risk it for a chance at a larger prize. Additionally, there is an exciting Bingo side bet option available to enhance the gameplay.

Evolution Monopoly Big Baller

Monopoly Big Baller

Monopoly Big Baller is a game that draws inspiration from bingo, featuring MR. MONOPOLY bonus rounds that are reminiscent of those in Monopoly Dream Catcher. The game includes four primary cards and two bonus cards, offering fewer options compared to Mega Ball. Each card includes free spaces and multipliers to maintain excitement as players anticipate the bonus rounds. With an RTP of 96.10%, the game's payout rate is comparable to that of a high-quality slot machine.

Pragmatic Vegas Ball Bonanza

Vegas Ball Bonanza

Pragmatic Play has introduced a new game called Vegas Ball Bonanza, which is inspired by Bingo. In this game, there are nine 3x3 cards in play, and before each game, multipliers for up to five numbers are selected. If a number on your card is chosen and has a multiplier, the entire card benefits from it. Players can win a maximum payout of 20,000 times their ticket value.

Playtech Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball

Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball

Playtech recognizes a valuable feature in the Mega Fire Blaze Bonus round, which adds excitement to their game. Along with a simplified bingo game, this creates a winning combination. The game involves eight 4x4 cards, and players can select their preferred bonus round risk level - Mega, Major, or Grand - to increase their potential winnings. The game offers a maximum payout of 2,500 times the bet, with an RTP of 97.32%.

Augmented Reality/Slot Type Game Show

A Random Number Generator (RNG) engine powers this particular type of game show. It is a live game with a host, but all elements of the game, except for the player's choices, are controlled by the RNG. The outcomes are decided by a computer rather than a person or live performance. I would liken these games to slot machines, as they have comparable Return to Player percentages and are equally enjoyable in my view.

Evolution Deal Or No Deal Live

Deal Or No Deal Live

The Evolution version of Deal or No Deal has a different gameplay compared to the Playtech Version. To enter the game, players must go through a qualification process by spinning a wheel and aligning segments. If successful, they can top up the value of their chosen briefcases before the game begins. Each briefcase is assigned a number by an RNG engine, corresponding to a prize amount. As briefcases are opened, the Banker offers a cash deal for the player's briefcase. The player can choose to accept the offer by dealing or decline it to reveal more briefcases in hopes of receiving a better offer.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

Gonzos Treasure Hunt combines elements of Live Dealer and Slots, but in reality, the game is entirely computer-generated, including the visuals, gameplay, and presentation. The only live aspect is when players make their selections after betting, with the outcome being determined by a computer. Success in the game is based purely on luck, as there is no skill involved. It is recommended to steer clear of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt as it may not be very enjoyable.

Crazy Coin Flip

Crazy Coin Flip

Crazy Coin Flip brings the world of RNG Slots and live casino together in this unique game that delivers multiplier layouts on the flip of a coin. The coin flip looks familiar because it’s taken from the famous Crazy Time bonus round.

The aim is to build up multiplier values on the Red and Blue sides of the coin. The final flip reveals your result.

You must qualify for the final flip by getting three scatters on the five-reel slot. Once you’ve done that, spin the following reels to boost the multipliers.

Scatter multipliers boost the final payouts. If you have one of these, go for it in the boost round to get the maximum you can.

The RTP is 96.05%, and the payouts have been capped at £$€500,000, as the possibility for the multipliers is endless.

Everybody’s Jackpot Live Slot

Everybody’s Jackpot Live Slot

The Everybody’s Jackpot Live Slot by Playtech is a great new addition to their live slot collection. It cleverly utilizes the popular Everybody’s Jackpot slot, featuring two progressive jackpots. The game also includes four bonus rounds, offering a maximum payout of 6740x on The Block. All players participate in the same spins and receive payouts for completed lines. To access a bonus round, players need to land three scatters, with most rounds involving player interaction to influence the outcome. One jackpot is triggered daily, while the other is activated once a certain threshold is reached. Both jackpots award 50% to one player, with the remaining 50% shared among other players.

Dice Type Game Show

These game shows revolve around using dice as the main game mechanic. A host rolls the dice to determine outcomes that impact the game. The show is broadcast live and relies on the dice to determine all results. Occasionally, a random number generator (RNG) engine may be used for certain elements, such as bonus rounds where multipliers and prizes are randomly awarded.

Boom City Live

Boom City Live

Boom City Live is the initial game show to utilize a pair of dice for determining game outcomes. The game features a large grid filled with Numbers and Bonus squares scattered randomly. Two dice are rolled, one for the vertical axis and the other for the horizontal axis, with the winning square being where they intersect. If the square is a number, the payout is equivalent to the number's value. In the case of a bonus square, a bonus round is triggered. Power Up squares have the ability to enhance multipliers and payouts.

Snakes & Ladders

Snakes & Ladders

The game Snakes & Ladders features a Dice that was initially introduced in Boom City Live. In this game, players can participate in two bonus rounds - one involving a large Snakes & Ladders board and the other called the Snake Totem. To access these bonus rounds or have a chance at winning instantly, players must place bets on the outcome of four rolled Dice. If at least two symbols match, the player wins. To achieve the best possible outcome, players must utilize Power Up, safe zones, and rolling sixes, which provide more rolls and propel the player forward on the board and Totum. It is crucial to avoid snakes in the game at all costs.

Which is the Best Live Game Show to Play?

I think the best live casino game show is the one you like to play the most. It’s all down to personal choice.

It’s essential to consider the entertainment value of the game:

  • Did you have fun watching and playing?

  • Did you lose your money quickly or slowly?

  • Were the wins small and constant or big and not very often? The volatility of the game can determine if a player enjoys playing it.

  • Did the game make sense – i.e. could you work out the best way to play to get enjoyment?

  • Are you playing just for the thrill of the big win?

The best overall Entertainment Game show I would recommend is Evolution Crazy Time.

I think this game delivers on multiple levels.

You can play conservatively, and using a strategy can turn your money over for a long time while you watch others busting out chasing the big wins.

Equally, you can play high stakes on just the wheel and walk away with a profit – forget the bonus rounds.

Or play just the bonus rounds  – you’ll lose lots but hope to make it back up with a big win or two.

A lower volatility alternative would be Playtech’s Adventures Beyond Wonderland, which has the same game mechanic, but fewer big-win opportunities.

Pragmatic Play’s Mega Wheel will do the trick if you prefer something more straightforward.

What are the RTPs of the Live Game Show Games?

The theoretical returns to players (RTPs) of live game shows vary not only between games, but a particular game may have a range of RTPs for different bet types.

You’ll learn more by clicking each game as I explain the RTPs, bet types and playing strategies.

  • Cash or Crash – 99.59% RTP.

  • Jumanji The Bonus Level Live – 97.63% RTP.

  • Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball – 97.32% RTP.

  • Spin A Win – 97.22% RTP.

  • Bet365 Super Mega Ultra Live – 96.90% RTP.

  • Adventures Beyond Wonderland – 96.82% RTP.

  • Everybody’s Jackpot Live – 94.25%, and the maximum 96.75% RTP.

  • Greatest Cards Show – 96.67% RTP.

  • Dream Catcher – 96.58% RTP.

  • Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt – 96.56% RTP.

  • Pragmatic Play Treasure Island – 96.55% RTP.

  • Pragmatic Mega Wheel – 96.51% RTP.

  • Pragmatic Vegas Ball Bonanza  – 95.97% RTP.

  • OnAir Travel Fever Live  – 96.01% – 97.26%.

  • Money Drop Live – 94.01% – 96.48% RTP.

  • Monopoly Live – 96.23% RTP.

  • Boom City Live 93.49% to 96.21% RTP.

  • Monopoly Big Baller – 96.10% RTP.

  • Crazy Coin Flip 96.05%.

  • Fashion TV Mega Party 95.56%.

  • Evolution Deal or No Deal – 95.42% RTP.

  • Mega Ball – 95.40% RTP.

  • Playtech Deal or No Deal – 95.28% RTP.

  • Crazy Time – 96.08% – 94.34% RTP.

  • Sweet Bonanza Candyland 91.59% to 96.83% RTP.

  • Funky Time – 95.99%, range of 95.38% – 95.99% RTP

  • Snakes & Ladders – 96.30%, range of 96.26% – 96.41% RTP

If you look at the RTP, the best game show to play is Cash or Crash, which has the highest RTP. But this comes at a cost. The game is straightforward and can return a profit by continually cashing out when in profit. Of course, no one plays like that, so the RTP will be much lower because of how people will play this game.

Good games to play are Crazy Time and Adventures Beyond Wonderland. If you pay these sensibly, you’ll get a long playtime or return a profit. If you chase big wins, you’ll lose. These games are excellent for building anticipation and swiping your legs from underneath you., leaving you swearing at the screen. In my experience, this is truer of Crazy Time than Adventures Beyond Wonderland.

Money Drop Live has excellent potential, but you need the boosters in play to increase the safe zones to stand a chance of getting a decent win. It is pure genius to allow players to determine the risk they want to take in the game. It’s a game for all player types.

History of Live Casino Game Shows

This new breed of games was born out of the desire to attract more players to live casino games.

To somehow find a way to bring some of the excitement of slots into a live game. Another critical component was to make the games entertaining and immersive to try and attract an audience that would otherwise shy away from playing the more traditional table games.

The first of these live dealer entertainment games to be created was by Evolution, who has been pioneering the way forward in this new category. The game Dream Catcher looks like a familiar wheel of fortune game, but with a twist. Evolution added Multiplier segments to the wheel to boost the possible wins. Playtech followed suit with their version, Spin A Win, and the rest is history.

The next significant advancement was the addition of Bonus rounds to these games. Evolution created Monopoly Live, and this was a game-changer. This game has a recognisable brand, but more importantly, augmented reality takes the player on a journey into a virtual world to play the bonus round. The opportunities for huge wins are limitless, with many over 1000’s of stake value.

At this point, games consisted of a Big Wheel, multipliers, augmented reality and some known game branding.

Game development went four ways:

  • Multipliers were applied to more traditional games, boosting the payouts even more.

  • The use of other mechanics to drive the games

  • Using themes from famous board games and TV shows to create new games.

  • The bringing together of slots live and augmented reality.

Have all Entertainment Game Shows been successful?

The live casino providers have been trying to outdo each other with varying degrees of success.

Not all games released have remained popular after the initial surge to play them.

One of the issues is player engagement and involvement. For a game to succeed, there must be a gambling element and decisions required by the player. Games that need just a wager to be made and then watch the game unfold are not that popular in the long term, regardless of the payout you can get.

The one exception to that is Crazy Time from Evolution. It is by far the best online game show. The number of players amounts to 1000’s in a session, and the payouts have been mega.

Summary of Live Entertainment Game Shows

I was a little sceptical when the first of the game shows appeared. I didn’t see how a game like Dream Catcher could deliver the same highs that a good slot gives.

In some ways, I’m right because Monopoly Dream Catcher gave us a bonus round that offers massive highs and lows.

This game was a turning point, as Evolution supplemented it with slots-type technology. The mix is delightful, with players able to anticipate massive wins for a small bet and still benefit from a “live” experience.

The games that have followed have been both experimental and groundbreaking. Crazy Time seems to have hit the peak, but with more games being developed off the back of TV series and famous board games, I’m sure there is a lot more to come.

Live Casino Game Shows Frequently Asked Questions?

Can You Play Live Game Shows For Free?

Unfortunately, you cannot play live Casino Game shows for free. However, it’s possible to watch the games, and it’s also possible to play for as little as 0.10 a spin.

What is a Live Casino Game Show?

A Live Casino Gameshow is a relatively new concept in online live gambling. Games have been created to provide more entertainment, be it through elaborate studios, hosts dressed in costumes or live betting games we’ve never seen before. The minimum stakes are generally very low, with the potential for big wins being huge.

Which Software Providers Have Live Dealer Game Shows?

Only three Live Casino Providers currently produce live games classified as Game Shows. Evolution leads the way, followed by Playtech and, finally, Pragmatic Play.

What is the House Edge (RTP) on Live Game Shows?

The house edge varies between games. The lowest edge sits with Evolution Cash or Crash at 0.41%, while the worse is Playtech Deal or No Deal at 4.72%. Click here for a complete list of Game Show RTPs.

What are the Live Entertainment Game Shows?

The Live Entertainment Shows are Dream Catcher, Monopoly Dream Catcher, Spin A Win, Crazy Time, Adventures beyond Wonderland, Cash or Crash, Mega Ball, Deal or No Deal, Deal Or No Deal The Big Draw, Mega Wheel, Money Drop, Crazy Coin Flip and Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt.

Are there Strategies for Playing Live Online Game Shows?

There are playing strategies you can adopt to make your bankroll last longer, but no strategies guarantee you’ll win. This is gambling, with a house edge already factored in. The only people to win consistently will be the casinos providing the games.