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GoLaiFu Slot Review

The Golaifu Slot Machine is a basic online slot game created by JDB Gaming. It offers a maximum bonus multiplier of 2000X. Dogs have been considered lucky creatures for a long time, with their bark representing prosperity. Our fortunate dog not only increases your winning odds but also symbolizes wealth, luck, and progress, bringing you good fortune.GoLaiFu Slot Review

GoLaiFu Slot Description GoLaiFu Slot Description

Dogs have been seen as lucky since ancient times. Their bark means wealth, and they bring good luck. Our lucky pooch helps you win, and his bark means good things. One of the most popular online slot machines is the progressive slot machine, which offers bonuses. The GoLaiFu online slot at SMCasino is different because it has only one line.

We also have lots of different progressive slot machines with different bonus offers for each game. One of our best slot game recommendations is GoLaiFu – we think you'll love it!

GoLaiFu Slot Description

How To Play GoLaiFu How To Play GoLaiFu

Fortune Wheel

Just wanted to let you know that you can win by getting 3 or more of the same symbol. All wins show for bet x1 multiplier. Also, if you see 3 fortune wheels, you can start the bonus game. Just make sure you're on reel 3, 4, or 5. And if you see 3 SPIN WILDs, you can start the bonus game too! When you select the lucky position, the fortune wheel will be spun once. Then, after the wheel stops, you'll see the indicated multiplier. Good luck! Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that multiplying the multiplier by the bet will be the total win. Also, the fortune wheel can be upgraded when the FORTUNE WHEEL is indicated. The max upgrade is 1, and the maximum award of the fortune wheel can be 2000X. Have a great day!

GoLaiFu Slot Data GoLaiFu Slot Data

GoLaiFu Slot Data

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GoLaiFu Slot Review

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