Daily Turnover Triumphs- Limited Edition!【Playlux promotion】

  • Last updated
  • 2024/06/22
Playlux promotion

Electronic encoding event

- Restriction on transcoding: electronic

- Log in to automatically receive coupons, starting from 24 hours to complete the encoding, and get 158 (6x) for 8888.

- Explanation: Members can receive rewards by completing the goal transcoding within the countdown time of the ticket after logging in.

Example: If a member logs in on 3/26 12:00 and does not complete the task until 3/27 11:59, but logs in again on 3/27 13:00, they can receive a new time slot from 3/27 13:00 to 3/28 12:59.

- Activity time: Weekdays in April (***Because if weekdays are not set, there may be issues with overlapping VIP activities on holidays)

- Need to upload electronic exclusion calculation flow Gamelist.